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The Mouser Search Accelerator is an Internet Explorer and Firefox add-on that delivers part information and availability to your browser when you need it. Simply highlight any part number or keyword on any site and instantly preview search results and product details without leaving the page you are on.

Learn more about the Accelerator's features and functionality, watch a video demo, and review the installation instructions for your browser below.

More About the Accelerator

Accelerator on Website Search without leaving the page you are on.

Searching for parts and availability often leads to opening multiple web browser windows and tabs that clutter your computer's desktop. The Mouser Search Accelerator is installed right into your browser allowing you to launch it on any web page in any website without ever having to open a new window or tab.

Accelerator on Website View current pricing and availability.

Mouser understands your time is valuable. To give you the right information to make the correct purchasing decisions, the Mouser Search Accelerator displays the manufacturer's part number, manufacturer's name and the part description. The Accelerator also pulls the latest pricing along with current availability from

Accelerator on Website One-click access to detailed information and purchasing options.

Clicking on a part number in the Mouser Search Accelerator will direct you to that part's detail page on From the product detail page, you can review in-depth specifications, data sheets, images, pricing information and purchasing options.

Watch our Demo Video

Installation Instructions

Install Now for Internet ExploererMicrosoft Internet Explorer (Version 8 and newer):

  • Click the installation button
  • In the "Add Accelerator" pop-up, check the box to make this the default provider
  • Click the Add button to complete the installation
  • The pop-up will close when the accelerator is successfully installed

Install Now for FirefoxMozilla Firefox (Version 3.5 and newer):

  • Click the installation button
  • On the Firefox Add-on website, click the Add to Firefox button
  • Follow all on-screen instructions and prompts